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Pronunciation Seh-tent-ah
Translation Seventy
Level Intermediate
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Video Notes
Similar Moves Setenta Complicado, Setenta y Uno, Setenta y Dos, Setenta Moderno, Setenta Neuvo, Setenta por Abajo, Siete Setenta, Setenta con Dos Manos


This move starts with a prep on 7 of the previous move where the lead puts the left hand over the right pointing into the circle as shown in figure one. The lead then spins the follower around to the left, keeping the right arm low and then walking the follow around in a half circle. The end result is a Hammer lock. The lead then back-breaks and pulls on the follow's arm behind the back and unravels the follow as they switch places, the lead then back-breaks again, steps under the left arm of the follow, again switching places and letting go of the right hand. As the lead steps under, they ask for right hand again and do another back-break or Enchufla. The follow then ends up on the right hand side of the lead.

Setenta is one of the fundamental moves in Rueda and the beginning prep and half walk ending in a Hammer lock is used in many other more complicated moves.

Figure 1. The Prep for Setenta, left over right


Advanced Styling[edit]

Regional Variant[edit]