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Pronunciation Lee-on-see-oh
Translation (proper name)
Level Intermediate
Link to Video Watch
Video Notes
Similar Moves Setenta


Start with Setenta, and like El Nudo, lead steps in front of follow and with left hand up, right hand low, turns to the right until facing into the circle and with arms, left over right, cross in front. On the next eight count, first raise the left (on the right side of the body) and then right hand (on the left side), keeping the left up over the head as the lead turns to face the follow to the right. The lead should now be in a hammer lock with their left arm behind, holding the follow's right hand. Then lead the follow until the lead is facing upstream (counter-clockwise). The trick here is to rotate locked with the follow 180 degrees, until the lead is facing upstream, and then pull the follow the rest of the way behind. The lead then steps under their own arm and turns to the left to face the follow downstream. You have done this part right if you are in a position, to do a two handed enchufla with hook turn (show them the L with the arms), and cross body the follow back to neutral.


(at 1:53 sections he starts Leonsio)