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Many moons ago, the Salsaddiction website was taken over by Sean Donovan who also loved dancing Salsa, especially the Rueda de Casino. Unfortunately, it was all too common to forget the moves taught in class and at first, Sean started taking notes as most Rueda students do. From a list it grew into a detailed description which was posted on the Salsaddiction website. Eventually, other students started visiting the page and made suggestions, which spawned the idea of setting up the list as a wiki. What you see today is a work in progress!

The sponsor, Salsaddiction Dance Co. has been teaching salsa and Latin dancing in Edmonton since 1998. We are housed in the 4000 square foot Integration Pilates dance studio downtown (and other locations) with state of the art sound system, perfect to transform any level dancer into a pro. We provide dance instruction for all levels and ages. We believe firmly that everyone can dance and Salsaddiction can help you with that experience.

Thousands of people have taken classes with Salsaddiction and make up a huge portion of the Latin scene in Edmonton. Salsaddiction instructors are specially trained and can enhance your dance skills with today's most popular styles of salsa - Cuban, LA/NY - and other Latin dances guaranteed to make you a comfortable social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer.