Paseala y Complicate

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Paseala y Complicate
Pronunciation Pah-sail-la ee Com-ple-kado
Level Intermediate
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Similar Moves Paseala


Starts with an enchufla, then two Paseala, then on the second one, the lead swings their right hand over their head and as the follow passes behind them, grabs the follows left hand. The lead should be in front of and to the left of the follow in a left to left and right to right hand hold. On the next eight count, the lead then pulls the follow forward and wraps the follow. One the next eight count, the follow is unwrapped and spun to the right, keep the left hand low behind the back and the right hand leading the turn. To help the follow unravel, the lead should turn when turning the follow. Then end in a sombero facing into the circle.


Regional Variations[edit]