Pan Cortado

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Pan Cortado
Pronunciation pan core-tad-oo
Translation Sliced Bread
Level Advanced
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Start with Sombero hand hold and the lead gets into a hammer lock (first eight count) by pulling the lead all the way around ending up with them on their left, keeping the right hand low and the left hand high going over their head. The lead should be facing downstream and the follow upstream. On the next eight count, the lead then brings the follow under their left arm as the follow ducks and backs out under the lead's right arm. The lead should be facing around the circle and the follow should go under the left and back out, butt first, under the right. On the next eight count, lead drops left hand and does an enchufla and then a sacala with the left hand. As the follow comes out of the sacala, the lead, with their left hand, grabs the elbow of the follow's right arm and puts it under the lead's left arm. The lead should also pull the follow close and continue their momentum in order to get them into abajo. At this point, the lead is facing up stream, almost belly to belly with their follow, who is facing downstream. While doing abajo, the lead should be able to grab the right hand of the follow ahead of them with their left hand, forming a closed loop. Then do a close abajo and on the next eight count, the leads lifts their left hand and, like a cross body lead, pushed the lead under, while pulling the lead ahead of them outside the circle. The lead steps into the circle and turns to the left to face the follow who is now facing into the circle. On the next eight count, the lead then goes onto the next follow upstream and does a cross body lead back to neutral.