Dame Diente

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Dame Diente
Pronunciation dah-mae dee-end-teh
Translation Give me Tooth
Level Intermediate
Link to Video [ Watch]
Video Notes
Similar Moves Dame, Dame dos con dos


Prep on 7 with the left hand, then check the follow in a wrap (follow turns clockwise) and unwrap. On the next eight count, the lead then wraps in, turning to the left, touches hands on 5 (right to left) then unwraps. Then, prepping on 7 again with the left hand, the follow is wrapped and the lead wraps as well, making sure to switch hands from left to right. The initial prep is done with the lead's left to the follow's right and then as the follow goes into their wrap, the lead switches to a right to right hand hold, making sure to bend their own arm around the follow. Then both follow and lead unwrap and do a vacilala con dos with Lead and Follow both doing spins.