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Pronunciation Caw-g-wah
Level Intermediate
Link to Video [ Watch]
Video Notes
Similar Moves Sombrero


Starts similar to Sombrero with the follow ending up on the right side of the lead, with arms around each other's shoulders. From there and on the second eight count, the lead puts their right arm under the left arm of the follow and asks for the right hand. The lead's right arm should still be tucked around the follow's left arm with the back of the lead's hand resting on the follows hip or stomach. The follow then back rocks and ducks under turning counter clockwise as lead pulls with the right hand up and over the head of the follow. The lead and follow should be facing each other with left over right. On the next eight count, the follow back rocks again and is pulled into a sombrero on the right side of the lead, right hand on follow's shoulder, left on lead's shoulder. Cross body back to neutral.